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Job Strategy Session


Unlock your full potential in the phlebotomy field with our 30-minute Job Strategy Session, designed specifically for students who have completed National Phlebotomy or IV Certification Courses. Benefit from personalized professional resume creation, industry-specific insights, and one-on-one guidance from a seasoned phlebotomy and IV professional with over 15 years of experience.

During this call, you will learn how to tailor your resume to stand out in the phlebotomy field and gain critical insights into the industry’s current standards and expectations. You’ll receive expert advice on navigating your career path effectively, leveraging the extensive experience of a seasoned professional.

You will receive a professionally crafted resume tailored specifically to phlebotomy positions, along with exclusive access to up-to-date industry resources and job search tools. Additionally, you’ll obtain personalized strategies and actionable steps to enhance your job prospects and professional network.