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IV Certification Course

Welcome to our IV certification training with locations across the USA.
4 hour approved CE Credits With our 100% passing rate guarantee.  We use the best instructors and up to date syllabus in every location we teach. Get your IV Certification license through our accredited service so you can meet the employers requirement and start enjoying your job that gives you purpose and meaning in a career. We guarantee the IV training you will receive will help you feel more confident in your industry.

After completing this course, the student should be able to:
•    Describe the uses of IV therapy
•    Identify appropriate sites for venipuncture
•    Identify equipment used to provide IV therapy
•    Perform venipuncture
•    infiltration
•    extravasation
•    occlusions
•    vein irritation/pain at the venipuncture site
•    a severed catheter
•    hematoma
•    venous spasm
•    thrombosis/thrombophlebitis
•    nerve, tendon or ligament damage
•    circulatory overload
•    septicemia
•    air embolism
•    allergic reaction

Registration must be on our website or over the phone we do not do register students at the training location.

By booking this class offering you are agreeing to our Enrollment Agreement terms and conditions.

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